Vision and Values


Windwhistle Students will be self-managing, inquiring and enterprising learners, contributing to their communities and seizing new opportunities as they strive to be the best they can be.

Mission Statement

To provide a high-quality education that caters for the needs of our students through the building of self-worth, confidence and challenging learning.
To prepare our children to be thoughtful, participating members of their family, local community and the world around them.


To achieve our vision we will encourage each student to:
Value themselves by showing the qualities of self-respect, pride, humour, self-discipline, integrity, honesty, self-motivation, responsibility, reliability and forgiveness.
Value others by exhibiting qualities of co-operation, respect, fairness, tolerance, sharing, kindness, friendship, consideration, helpfulness and trust.
Value their community and school by displaying the qualities of compassion, honesty, caring, giving, loyalty and community and cultural awareness. Value the environment by exhibiting the qualities of care, conservation and respect.