Welcome to Windwhistle School
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We take pride in providing high-quality teaching and learning opportunities for our students. We have excellent resources, including a heated swimming pool, sports equipment, playgrounds and computers.


We are situated in beautiful, rural Canterbury, serving the Windwhistle, Glen Roy, Lake Coleridge area. We enjoy positive links with our local community and the school is very well supported by families.


At Windwhistle School, our focus is to produce confident, inquiring and self-managing learners who are well equipped to embrace opportunities and meet the challenges of the future.

November, 27, 2014. 09:59 AM
Congratulations to Jane McMillan - Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher award from NZEI

Windwhistle School is very proud to announce that Jane McMillan (Junior Class Teacher) has won the Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher award from NZ Education Institution (NZEI). In 2013, NZEI negotiated with the Ministry of Education to recognise the expertise of teachers (Advanced Classroom Expertise Teacher). Initially there were 1060 applicants for the award.  This was then reduced to 800 applicants, of which only 332 teachers nationwide have been recognised. Windwhistle School’s Teacher, Jane McMillan has been recognised with this award. The panel made special comment about the “Evi ...

November, 3, 2014. 16:30 PM
Famous Shotputter and Cake Cutter Visits Windwhistle School!

(A report by Chloe Keijzer and Breanna Scott – Year 6 students) “If you don't achieve your goal and don't win what you expected, don't feel sorry for yourself – just try again. If you do win something, don't rub it in the loser's face in case they beat YOU next time. And don't do what other people want you to do in life, do what YOU want to do”. These were three of the very inspiring things Tom Walsh told us when he came to our school on the 23rd October and spoke to us about winning his Commonwealth Games silver medal and also about how school had been really hard for him because he has dyslexia. His Mum spent ...

October, 13, 2014. 08:40 AM
Make a Day Better

Congratulations to our Kathy Mehrtens who was one of 19 recipients from Office Max’s Make a Day Better awards for 2014. She won for the school $1000 worth of stationery and received this recognition for going over and above to help her students. Kathy is very quick to point out that she can’t achieve this without the support of both Frances, Jan and Robyn, and without the willingness of her students to try different things! Well done Kathy. Click here to download newsletter

September, 22, 2014. 08:34 AM
Room 2 Budding Artists

The school were very privileged to have Vicky Peacock - a very talented landscape artist and teacher - teach our Room 2 students how to paint a landscape. The results were some fantastic landscapes that are on display at the Darfield Art Gallery for the rest of the month.   Click here to download newsletter

September, 1, 2014. 08:52 AM
Practising Whai and Titi Torea Games

Our students had an afternoon learning and practising some whai (string) and Titi Torea (block/stick) games. Much fun was had trying to get all co-ordinated at the same time. Click here to download newsletter

August, 11, 2014. 07:19 AM
School at Ferrymead for a day

A story written by one of our Room One students about his experience at a Victorian school (1800's)... Our trip to Ferrymead. I hated Miss Black. It was not funny. I loved going to the movie theatre. There was old fashioned movies. One was Tom and Jerry and one was a funny one too. We went on one of our buses. Luke, George and me and Fergus played paper, scissors, rock. It was fun. Ladies go first. Boring! Boys have to hold the door. I wish boys have to go first. We dressed up. The boys have to wear shorts, shirts and hats. We have to tip them. The girls have to wear aprons with hats and dresses. We had lunch and morning tea. We played with activitie ...

July, 17, 2014. 12:36 PM
Junior Class Visit to Orana Park

The Room 1 students enjoyed a great educational trip to Orana Park recently and arrived back with lots of tales about the various birds and animals that they had seen and learnt about. If you haven’t been into Room 1 recently, pay them a visit, it is such a colourful and vibrant learning area, chock-a-block full of the students’ work thanks to Jane.

March, 24, 2014. 14:09 PM
Aoraki Mt Cook Camp

Windwhistle School children never fail to amaze me and this was very evident during our EOTC trip to Snowdon Station (see over) and the Room 2 camp expedition to Aoraki Mt Cook. Not only were the Year 5s and 6s very well behaved but they were totally focused on what they were learning/experiencing re. the current themes of ‘The Environment’ and ‘Relating to Others’. From tramping to view the calving glacier up the Hooker Valley; sharing and learning with the local school (12 different cultures – including two Sherpas!); ‘tasting’ 300 year old icebergs on the Tasman Valley Lake; to making tracking traps for pests in the National Park with DOC and ...

February, 24, 2014. 13:15 PM
Exploring Washpen Falls

What an absolute pleasure and privilege it was to take such interested and well-behaved children to walk the Washpen Falls track on such a stunningly beautiful day recently.  Many thanks to John Oakley, Annabel Tripp and Roy Veronese for their time and help with transporting and supervising the children.  We were made very welcome, as always, by Tom McElrea who answered the children's questions on arrival.   Meeting the members of a wedding party on our walk, who were to be married at the falls the following day, was a real plus....it helped emphasize to the children how the public value being in the natural environment so highly.   Click here to down ...

December, 18, 2013. 14:07 PM

Dear Parents WOW, what a fantastic camp! Not only were we blessed with glorious weather for most of the time but the fish were jumping too! Our science activities had to adapt to the conditions – rocky beach with lots of crabs and cock-a-bully under every stone to oozing mud and toe-pinching mud-crabs! Thanks to Richard, we had a hand lines for nearly everyone – amazing what a bit of stick and some gut and a hook will attract. Well done, Mrs Mac for organising such a great camp, and to all the mums and dads who contributed with food, transport, meals, cleaning and supporting our Learning Outside the Curriculum camp. Lots of important information, as usual, in this newsle ...